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Look at Quay

Introducing Quay, a dynamic influencer and advocate for women’s empowerment and self-care. Quay is on a mission to empower women by helping them recognize their true worth and value. Our ultimate goal is to build a brand that positions Quay as the most sought-after influencer, offering hope, challenging individuals to surpass their own and societal limitations, and inspiring everyone to wholeheartedly embrace life’s opportunities with unwavering passion and enthusiasm.

Our goal for this custom branding project was to create an elegant and empowering brand that would perfectly align with Look at Quay’s brand proposition. The heart incorporated into her logo serves as a powerful symbol, representing not just love and passion but also encapsulating the core values that define Look at Quay’s identity and mission.

After completing our branding project, we collaborated again to create a  branded social media graphics for her Aesthetic Spa.


Project Scope

Branding Identity Design + Digital Design

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