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Tough Year

tough year

This year, I encountered different versions of myself, and in this journey, I discovered the courage to accept who I am and the bravery to discard what’s pulling me down.

I embraced parts of myself with wide-open arms while acknowledging the aspects that needed to change head-on.

In moments of newfound fire and unexpected bonds, I tapped into the side of me craving a place to belong. I understood how crucial it is to be real, shedding the weight of others’ thoughts and choosing my own path. Instead of merely nodding along with every opinion, I learned to discern which ones mattered and which were just ego boosters.

I met the version of me that refused to be around those who repeatedly betrayed my trust. Surprisingly, those who let me down played a key role in my journey toward self-awareness.

I mastered the art of letting go when things caused more pain than peace, saying no without excuses, and setting boundaries that kept me sane.

Empathetic communication became a powerful way to express myself and know when to bail from situations that interfered with my connection to love.

I also discovered my forgiving side and became able to move on even without closure or stolen apologies.

Looking to the future became a thrill, envisioning where I would be in five years. Mornings became opportunities to rectify past mistakes and fill my days with hope.

I realized that happiness lies in appreciating the little things, and one deep conversation can be a cornerstone of happiness.

This tough year showed me the spectrum of my emotions and also why it’s crucial to build happiness from within.

The hard lessons I learned too late pushed me to grow, transforming my perspective and igniting a resilient spirit within me.

Through beginnings and endings, I rode the waves of love, watching it depart only to find it again.

Holding onto something when there was nothing left and letting go when it was time, I found strength.

By becoming my own pillar of support, I evolved into a resilient and empowered woman.

This year, I not only learned about who I am but also embraced the profound truth that, in forgiving, I found the freedom to move forward.

Psalm 34:17-20

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